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Misconceptions about marital therapy

Yet another great article on the Gottman Institute website has been posted. The Gottmans are the gurus of marital research and therapy whose collective work has been positively impacting marriages for four decades! They influence countless marital counselors who attempt to assist people in the improvement of this amazing union called marriage. Please read the attached article about the stigma and misconceptions surrounding marital counseling.

It’s Time to Stop the Stigma Around Couples Therapy

Are you taking a reactive, rather than a proactive approach to any marital problems you may be having? Don’t allow common misconceptions to prevent you from pursuing a long-lasting, fulfilling marriage.


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About Lori Mitton

Lori Mitton is a licensed clinical psychotherapist (MA, LLP) specializing in marriage and family therapy. She is co-founder of Permanent Passionate Partnership.