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Do you have fun together?

Photo Credit: Will Fisher (Flickr)

Photo Credit: Will Fisher (Flickr)

Remember how much fun you and your spouse had when you were newlyweds? If you’ve been married for some time now, it might be difficult to think that far back, but a completely intimate marriage keeps the fun going.

Sure. The type of fun changes over time. At first, a lot of the fun is of a sexual nature and when aging occurs, folks can’t quite get their bodies into the same positions as they once did (well, at least I can’t). Perhaps you used to go on bike rides or have picnics. Maybe your fun was more athletic. Regardless, it’s often the case that once kids come into the picture, we have fun with them, but we begin to put our marital fun on the back burner and by extension, take our marital needs for granted.

Your marital fun doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. It may have to be modified, but to completely ignore it, is a mistake that could eat away at the deep intimacy you wish you had. Simply decide to engage in something that both of you might enjoy. Try a cooking class or join a book club. If you have enough time and energy, start riding your bikes together. There are so many ways to enjoy each other’s company and have FUN!

Fun is not reserved for those newly married. You can have fun even after decades of marriage. If you want your marriage to be completely intimate, keep the fun alive!

What recreational activities do you and your spouse enjoy? 


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